Commission Info

Commissions are closed, but you can get a quote now.

Next opening : September 16, 2022

We ship worldwide.

How to commission 

A form will be available from september 16, to september 26. You will

need a quote to apply !

A selection will be made at the end of this period. 4 to 6 slots will be allocated (depending on the type).

You will be contacted by email to confirm your entry in the commission queue !

Get a quote

Please fill in this form.

You will need a proper character reference (at least two angles, every detail of your character should be visible. Flat color and no shading is recommended. Gradient color is not acceptable.

You will receive a detailed quote soon (by email), if your character is eligible. This means your character design doesn’t have to be too complicated. Avian species are not eligible. The character must belong to you.

Starting prices (USD)

Head $140/month (20 months payment plan , total of $2800)

Partial (head + tail + hand paws + feet paws) $140/month (30 months payment plan , total of $4200)

Full digitigrade suit $190/month (30 months payment plan , total of $5700)


Commissions come with a payment plan (the duration can be adjusted to you needs).

Currencies : EUR / USD

Payment methods :

  • Paypal (If your currency is not EUR nor USD, paypal will convert it automatically.)
  • Bank transfer (European union residents only)