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Commissions are closed, but you can get a quote now.

Next opening : 2023

We ship worldwide.

How to commission 

A form will be available. You will need a quote to apply !

A selection will be made at the end of this period. 4 to 6 slots will be allocated (depending on the type).

You will be contacted by email to confirm your entry in the commission queue !

Get a quote

Please fill in this form.

You will need a proper character reference (at least two angles), every detail of your character should be visible. Flat color and no shading is recommended. Gradient color is not acceptable.

You will receive a detailed quote soon (by email), if your character is eligible. Avian species are not eligible. The character must belong to you.

Starting prices (USD)

Head $80/month (40 months payment plan , total of $3200)

Partial (head + tail + hand paws + feet paws) $120/month (40 months payment plan , total of $4800)

Full digitigrade suit $155/month (40 months payment plan , total of $6200)


Commissions come with a payment plan (the duration can be adjusted to you needs).

Currencies : EUR / USD

Payment methods :

  • Paypal (If your currency is not EUR nor USD, paypal will convert it automatically.)
  • Bank transfer (European union residents only)